Daniel Scott White is a producer, director, composer, screenwriter, magazine editor, publisher, author and musician.


In 1992, Daniel Scott White worked with Bob Dylan on recording sessions held at Acme Recording in Chicago. David Bowie gave two thumbs up to the two songs officially released after the sessions. The sessions were produced by David Bromberg for Columbia Records. According to the Dylan bibliography by Clinton Heylin, Daniel stated, "We worked with the Bromberg band for about three days, wondering if Dylan would show up. Then when he did, there was electricity in the air and they laid down tracks for seven songs in one night."

From 1993-1994, Daniel worked on numerous projects in the blues arena, qualifying as a voting member of the Grammy Awards. Nationally released titles include albums found on the Earwig Music Company label, such as Aron Burton: Past, Present and Future (1993) and Lovie Lee: Good Candy (1994).

In 2021, Daniel returned to the music scene and produced numerous music videos under the name Stray Tablet, winning over 50 awards at international film festivals.

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According to an interview on Radio Taiwan International, in 2016 Daniel Scott White bought together 24 authors from around the world to publish the Thinkerbeat Anthology, called The Art of Losing.

In 2018-2020, Daniel managed several publications simultaneously, (Unfit Magazine, Unreal Magazine, Longshot Island) under which he acquired and published stories by many preeminent authors in the science fiction and fantasy world, such as Martha Wells, Robert Silverberg, Emily Devenport and David Brin.

During his work at Mythaxis Review as General Editor (2020-2021), Daniel acquired and edited interviews with many acclaimed authors, musicians and filmmakers, such as Andy Weir (The Martian), Lois Lowry (The Giver), David Brin (The Postman), Jackie Fuchs (The Runaways), Paul Williams (president of ASCAP), and Tim Reynolds (Dave Matthews Band).

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2023 is the year Daniel Scott White moved away from the field of publishing fiction. He started writing screenplays and won numerous awards at film festivals.

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Daniel graduated from Columbia College, Chicago in 1991 after studying sound engineering there. He earned an MBA degree from National Taiwan University in 2012. In 2023 he was awarded an Honorary PhD for his work in the fields of cinema and TV.


The magazines Daniel Scott White oversaw appeared as imprints of Longshot Press, which positioned itself as a 'very independent publisher'. Longshot Press gained widespread public recognition when the board of the SFWA released a statement incorrectly attributing the publication of the magazines to Thinkerbeat. The publisher, under the direction of Daniel Scott White, issued a statement in response to clarify the issue. The SFWA did not corrected their statement following the negative exposure.

Bruce Bethke (Philip K. Dick Award winner, Stupefying Stories magazine publisher, coined the term "cyberpunk") "The SFWA did one good thing this year: they reminded me why I shouldn't renew my membership."

Eric J. Guignard (two time Bram Stoker Award winner and recipient of the Shirley Jackson Award) "I followed the issues btwn them and SFWA and thought the bad rep they'd [Longshot Press] been given was undeserved."

Benjamin C. Kinney (Escape Pod magazine) "I got some serious bingo prizes for knifing them [Longshot Press] in the first place. I mean, some authors can say 'I killed a market ha ha' but I have receipts and the corpse in my trunk."


David R. Grigg (chair of the World Science Fiction Convention, Melbourne, Australia) "Over the last few years, Daniel Scott White has developed a range of innovative speculative fiction and literary magazines, featuring stories by both well-known and new writers and offering top-level payment rates. He always seems to be exploring new ways of looking at the publishing of fiction and has developed several innovations in his approach to encouraging existing writers and finding new ones. While this has sometimes caused critical comment from some, others have applauded him for fresh thinking in the publishing field."

Jerry Oltion (Nebular Award winner, Asimov's Robot City series, original Star Trek series) "I appreciate the encouragement that I get when I submit stories to Unreal and Unfit."

Tais Teng (preeminent fantasy and scifi author from the Netherlands) "It showed me that my story was appreciated, even if it wasn’t bought."

Liviu Surugiu (preeminent scifi author from Romania) "It is a wonderful place where a beginner writer can publish alongside famous names, such as Ken Liu or Robert J. Sawyer."


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